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═══════════════ -ˋˏ berryvee ˎˊ- ═════════════ ❥ no longer creating, sorry ♡ ❥ I may post occasional free assets if I have time or the energy. ❥ For previous bought assets/avatars from me, please follow the TOS found in the download page! ❥ Unfortunately my stuff is no longer for sale, so please do not message me to ask to buy! very sorry! ♡ ❥ Using any of my products without a licence is stealing and is subject to a DMCA and further legal action. Do NOT use any of my content without a correct and valid licence. ❥ Should you have any questions (not asking to buy stuff), then feel free to add me on discord: @berryvee - please message me straight away with your question. Links to my social medias: ═══════════════ -ˋˏ ♡♡♡♡♡ ˎˊ- ══════════════

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