(FREE) Blindfold

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» My assets may be used on completed sale models for VRChat or ChilloutVR, but I do not want them ported to other games. They can also be used to make VTuber models.
» Please provide usernames for your accounts at checkout
» Please ensure to read each TOU specific to each asset!

------------------- ︱» INFO

» 1 FBX file

» 1 blender material

» Rigged to Head Bone, will work with most heads but MAY REQUIRE SCULPTING

------------------- ︱» POLYS (TRIS)

» 1.6K

------------------- ︱» RULES / TOUs

» You are NOT allowed to resell this asset individually or with modification.

» You are NOT allowed to redistribute this asset on any 3rd party websites, links or sites. Use of these is PROHIBITED without purchasing directly from my shop.

» You are NOT allowed to share the asset with anyone else. 1 purchase is for you only and you must provide a correct Discord User to verify your licence.

» You MAY use the asset for commercial use, ONLY ON COMPLETED MODELS, upon purchasing directly from my shop. (This includes the use of VTuber models, to use a model that uses this asset, you must purchase the asset itself directly from my shop.)

» This asset MAY be used on free models; however, credit must be given, and you must remind your customers they must not take the asset from your model.

» You CANNOT use this asset from any other creator's avatars or models, you MUST purchase directly from my shop to use on your own models.

» You MUST always credit "berryvee#0697" for the use of this asset.

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